Free ride art space

Free ride art space

The permanent Free Ride Art Space exhibition is an artistic adventure into free riding in which viewers can discover contemporary art that celebrates the bike as an instrument of emancipation, autonomy and symbol of freedom.
The art space, located at the heart of BTwin Village in Lille, was designed by the Oxylane Art Foundation in partnership
with the KRAFT association and pays tribute to the close relationship between the bike and art.

Cycling, a highly popular sport, has always been a cultural subject and source of artistic inspiration. All over the world, artists glorify the bicycle on all its forms. In doing so, they reveal a new street culture that heralds new lifestyles. Current trend in cyling mirror our society and encourage a new way of looking at the world.


The viewer is given a real moment of relaxation and an element of surprise in these works. The Free Ride Space presents bikes, installations and films.

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