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Chase the Sun Italia is “the most romantic long distance cycling challenge”.
It’s a ride, not a race. An annual challenge, cycling the longest day of the year, from sunrise to sunset, coast to coast, east to west. Maybe the
world’s best collective cycling adventure! Chase the Sun Italia runs from Cesenatico to Tirrenia, from the Adriatic sea to the Tirrenian sea.


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The Italian edition is follows Chase The Sun’s established rules: you must start at sunrise and arrive no later than sunset. There are no medals on arrival, just a little gift and the huge satisfaction of being a finisher!

The event promoters take care of all logistics, with a special welcome dinner in Cesenatico and even“more special” sunset arrival dinner in Tirrenia. Every participant has to look after himself en route. We are here for advice, but it is the other riders you will meet on the day who will create the unforgettable memories of your Chase the Sun experience.


To find out how far you can ride in one day, choose the longest day of the year.
Start to ride at the first rays of sunrise. From east to west, to chase the sun.


Chase the Sun is a ride, not a race! It is 99% psychological, 1% competition. A long, beautiful and challenging ride at your own pace. It’s a huge personal challenge but an achievable one! A challenge on many levels, both physical and mental.

Even if you don’t stay with the same riders all day – there will be numerous groups of riders along the road during the ride, so there will always be someone to ride along with, at a pace to suit you.It’s not a race – chat and pedal, meet others, and help each other out, Chase the Sun is a collective adventure. 


There are two different way to participate:
INDIVIDUAL, the whole distance will be covered by you;
RELAY, 3 members in each team, with at least one woman  in each team. Each of the team members must travel not less than 180km, i.e. two thirds of the route and only one third driving the team car. We suggest you divide the whole distance into three parts, with only 2 changes, but the teams are free to decide their change strategy. Only one car is permitted for each team and if requested the car must support not only his team, but also other participants. The whole team must arrive at the finish line together, and the last driver has to be under the finish line with them.


Sign-up to Chase the Sun Italia 2018 will be open until Friday 8 of June 2018



At the end of the cycle ride, does any kind of ranking take place?

As the event is not a race but a long-distance cycle ride, there is therefore no classification and no medals are awarded. Recognition as a Finisher is given for those arriving by sunset at the Tirrenian Sea beach front.

Is there any closing gate time?

Yes, the time starting from the second checkpoint – the Pinone restaurant / summit ascent of Carmignano – which is at 4.00pm.
From here to the finish point there are fewer than 100 kilometres via the Buti ascent. Those departing from the Pinone restaurant after 4.00 pm will have to skip the 3rd checkpoint at Prato Ceragiola, thus avoiding the fourth and final climb by cycling from Bientina towards Vicopisano along the small road that follows the Fosso della Serezza.

Can cyclists participate in the day’s event without taking part in the dinners?

Unfortunately not. Registration for the cycle ride includes the dinners. The spirit of the event is to create something which goes beyond a mere cycle ride. The start and finish dinners are an integral part of the cycle ride and help create a sociable atmosphere.
The dinner at Cesenatico at the start, together with a final technical briefing offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the fellow cyclists. Dinner on arrival at the beach on the Tirrenian coast with a swim, a shower, a group photo, a restaurant reserved for the participants, the music and the “Chase the Sun” cake will help make your participation in the long distance cycling challenge an unforgettable experience.

Can cyclists participate without registering?

Yes, this is possible, provided you show the organizers a fitness medical certificate for competitive sports activity. Certificates issued over 11 months prior to the event will not be considered valid, i.e. if they expire before 23 July, 2018.
The medical certificate must be sent in digital format upon registration at, and be clearly legible (scanned or photographed).

Is there a rescue truck or any other assistance along the route?

There is no rescue truck therefore each participant must be able to cycle the route independently. However, drivers of the teams participating in the cycling relay will be available to provide assistance to all participants, if requested and when possible.

How can cyclists get to Cesenatico and return to Pisa?

The railway stations of Cesenatico / Rimini, or Ravenna, and Pisa (16km from Tirrenia) are well connected by many regional, intercity and fast trains.
On all regional trains, bicycles can be transported without having to remove the wheels. On all other trains (including Frecce and Italo) they can be transported as normal baggage, provided that the wheels are removed and the whole fame is placed in a bag.
Bologna and Rimini airports are convenient for the cycling departure point (as is also Verona, but the transfer is definitely longer). Upon arrival, Pisa airport is a practical option and is easy to reach.
The hotels we support can provide transfers to and from airports and stations by taxi-minivan.

A chauffeur service is available upon request for those arriving by car at Cesenatico who want to be taken to Tirrenia on the day of the cycling event, leaving the car in the parking lot of the Golf Hotel, with keys to be delivered at the reception desk (quite expensive service).


For your accommodation in Cesenatico we have agreed special rates with hotel Miramare**** or Bristol-Domus Mea*** for the Friday night: double room with early morning cyclists’ breakfast at 4am – e-mail contact, specify you are a Chase the Sun rider.
We have also agreed special rates with the hotel Cesenatico Bellavita. Again when you contact the hotel, specify you are a Chase the Sun rider.

For your accommodation in Tirrenia we have agreed special rates with the Grand Hotel Golf, for the Saturday night and Sunday morning breakfast. When you contact the hotel, specify that you are a Chase the Sun rider.

For support teams prices for accommodation are the same. Cost for the 2 dinners on Friday and Saturday is 80€. Support teams will have to be responsible for their own travel from Cesenatico to Tirrenia.

– participation, road-book, gps route, and sponsors’ gifts;
– luggage transfer from start to finish;
– Friday dinner – Hotel Miramare di Cesenatico, with technical briefing;
– Sunset dinner – Saturday evening in Tirrenia, restaurant on the beach reserved for Chase the Sun participants;
– Friday night: double room with early morning cyclists’ breakfast at 4am, Hotel Miramare (limited rooms available);
– Saturday night and Sunday morning breakfast at Grand Hotel Golf Tirrenia (limited rooms available).

Other services such as van-transfer for people and bikes from Bologna airport to Cesenatico Hotel Miramare and from Grand Hotel Golf Tirrenia to Pisa airport, can be arranged and quoted separately.

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